FHFp Thermal Oil Heater

The FHFp thermal oil heater is intended for a “heavy duty” industrial use. The design, materials and details assure first-class efficiency, wear and reliability.

The burner is of the industrial type with a separate fan, to provide pressurised combustion.

Suitable for both liquid and gaseous fuels:

  • 7 sizes with outputs from 2,906 to 11,630 kW.
  • Design pressure 8 bar.g
  • Maximum operating temperature 320°C.
  • CE mark according to PED directive 97/23/EC  (category I).
  • Oil is circulated through the boiler by a centrifugal pump, designed for a temperature difference of 40°C.
  • Multi-tubular package with integral air preheater.
  • Furnace surface completely cooled, with low thermal loading (average less than 400 kW/m3) and complete with inspection and cleaning port.
  • Easily accessible tube nest for cleaning.
  • The tubular structure boasts a large heat exchange surface (the thermal flux density is less than 26 kW/m2). The tube arrangement can be fully drained.
  • All headers are designed so that they are shielded from radiated heat and hydraulically balanced
  • The inner skin-casing is constructed from stainless steel to resist condensate corrosion, designed to allow free expansion, and stiffened by a beam frame to withstand pressurisation.
  • Below the pipe nest, ported chambers allow a bigger volume of ash collection before cleaning and give better access for cleaning equipment.
  • For steam or superheated water production, the heater can be connected to an evaporator / heat exchanger.